Apocalypse August 2020

Liam Mitchell
2 min readAug 25, 2020



In March we thought by August would be normal. We dreamt stability and health and peace would come one day like a miracle. How can we learn all to work together, to see the same way and fight the same adversary? How when the timeline forks and the people is a binary? The speed of the news cycle is harming accountability. We entered a dual reality space. No consensus, no currency in unity. A decline in shared sense of anything. Perpetual state of scandal. Like if Frost/Nixon happens now, a load of people think that Nixon won because they’re Nixon supporters (1). Won’t turn, won’t believe it, won’t accept the bloody wool pulled over your eyes. It’s hard to conceptualise another state of being if you don’t see it somewhere else.

The division is both savagely cruel and a false economy, as business cannot thrive in a world that is failing. You’ll always end on a down. If you only care for you and yours you can’t go back to being a part of the parish. Society does learn. Does it? We’re living the big question mark. It’s a fuckin’ tightrope right enough big man. We’re living the learning if now is a carbon copy or a cycle, or a step into a future, or if there is a future at all. Capable of greatness. Collapsing under the weight of it.

Where is the Prime Minister? As kids’ ambitions dashed as exam results are mangled in the algorithm. Kids who have to vote in the next GE. Where is Boris Johnson? Point the cameras at refugees in dinghies. Look at them. The BBC and Sky reporters sent to sea to follow them. Watch them, shout interviews at them. Look the boat is taking water. They’re using a plastic container to try to bail out the boat. People are wearing life jackets, but it is pretty dangerous. A young Somalian body washes up drowned in the English Channel. Own fault and his blood should be on the frenchs hands for there involvement in the smuggling runs. Nigel ur the only one that talks sense.

Dribble on. Everyone rubbishing the other one. The most corrosive thing, the thing that you are compelled to attack, is this constant divisive thinking (2). The dissonance of lauding the right side of history from the wrong side of the present. What has driven and motivated us to get here will drive us to extinction. Now is the time to build a new way to live, man, where inspiration is found and supported in something less competitive than money, where fulfilment is sought in unity and value more valuable than wealth. We’re all in this together, man. All the diversity of life from four base proteins. All an emergent property of an increasingly complex chemical reaction, wherein our everything is the law of small things.

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(1) Helen Lewis

(2) Chris Morris



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