Apocalypse July 2021

Make This Mythos Together

I, or, the voice, will hit a word or phrase and pause, repeat it several times, it sounds like poetry, and then another voice, I, tells me, itself, to note it down. Aye, the voice is editing itself.

You want to know the secret, but man can achieve nothing by himself. Boris’s bets are not paying off. This is going to fail. The gutless clown could still save 1000s of lives but is not willing to go against the parliamentary party. He says he wants to help those local authorities who are not just seeking opportunities to point out differences between themselves and central government. Nothing is more dangerous than the mirage of action shrouding the truth of inaction. It is the master who seeks the disciple. Johnson’s so far up the populist arse he accuses Labour for taking the side of lefty criminal justice lawyers against the interests of the public. Constantly electioneering, not governing. Will lie when cornered. Email your suggestions to Downing St. Fuck future generations. But of course this is how he would act, would feign to lead if given the chance.

They lift all restrictions in England and there’s an anti-lockdown protest in Westminster, kicking off, shouting their heads off at the Bill. The Cons are the party that represent them, incite them into the rage. It’s very dangerous to be right when your government is wrong. Facts man just let people do what they want. Tory freedom, before the woke brigade stopped anyone doing anything. Libertarian freedom, from any restrictions or rules. Economic freedom, a gift afforded some and manyfold overstated delusions of man’s autonomous choice to fulfil his desire. Offer nothing in support or recourse to redress, at least to inch towards equality in access to said freedom. I still can’t get my head round the worldview in which culture and the arts are optional extras, and winning power for its own sake is the only thing in focus. Asked to sum up how she feels about Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel replies: We look at each other, we look at how different people can be and we make the best of it…

Empty supermarket shelves. You can get the special Brexit edition McDonald’s and Burger King (no lettuce, no tomatoes). The cost of Brexit is already 38 times more than the money government set aside for levelling up. The cost of the new flagship (not royal) yacht equates to a year’s salary for 10,000 NHS nurses, or over ten times more than the free school meals they couldn’t afford to give hungry kids. It’s up to £250 million, to represent the UK abroad, which it sadly already is.

You could have made history and we are already forgetting you! Did the billionaire rocketmen feel any overview effect? Bezos wants to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this. Everything’s going to stay the same, isn’t it… isn’t it? There are now no non-radical futures, as climate experts shift from talking about sustainability to resilience. Writes Ed Miliband, we have seen the catastrophic effects of a world warmed by just 1.2C. What happens if we get to 2.5 or 3C? By then, we’ll look back at recent summers as not the hottest we’ve ever had but, in all likelihood, the coolest we will ever have again. Strong messaging, fine work from the LotO… oh hang on. After Dawn Butler was ejected from the Commons for finally cutting through all the years of euphemistic bullshit and pompous parliamentary traditions and going on the record calling Boris Johnson a LIAR, Keir Starmer says he supports the deputy speaker for kicking out Dawn Butler but he also supports Dawn Butler for what she said. Jolly good. Always keep your words soft and sweet, in case you have to eat them.

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