Apocalypse May 2021

Inheritance Now

I have a communication to make. This *indicates everywhere* is not the answer. Not the materialist worldview, not cancerous capitalist growth, not rampant resource extraction, not forever. I’m making this very clear. Look at the state of the world. So, I’m loosening my rules. I’m enjoying myself. Ears up, receptors out. Unapologetic in public. Let’s produce intellectual property! Trying to establish meaning, just creating stuff, mistrust. This greed is good thing is because everyone’s too frightened of missing out. Everyone’s too frightened to miss the next big gig. I’ve got to make sure I’m self-int… As long as I’m on that train I’m sound. Never mind who isn’t. As long as I’m on it. Make sure.

On Nakba day, 15th May, Israel launched an airstrike on the Al-Jalaa tower in Gaza, destroying the building which housed The Associated Press, Al Jazeera, AFP and other international media organisations. Israel’s Air Force claimed it contained military assets of the Hamas terrorist organisation, and gave people one hour to evacuate. Were they clearing land to seize? Were they silencing the media so the world can’t see their crimes? There would be precedent for both. Palestinian workers observed a strike, with only 150 of the 65,000 Palestinian construction workers coming to work in Israel. This paralysed building sites, causing losses estimated at nearly $40 million. We cannot build without them. Biden spoke with Netanyahu, reaffirmed his strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself against rocket attacks from Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza. Biden condemned indiscriminate attacks against Israel. Biden administration approves $735 million weapons sale to Israel.

IDF-conscripted kids with guns (we built and sold, profits laundered through our universities), they patrol the climate of subjugation; casual, ritual humiliation: occupation. They’re different from us because they’re muslim. As humans we have allowed ourselves to get comfortable in boxes that we were put into … we’ve allowed ourselves to be separated by sex, by religion, by race, by creed, by color, when at the end of the day we’re only human beings (1). Those conditioned differences do not exist materially. But they have to live out that doubt, in the undevelopment of countries, in long, cold race wars nudged on by the authority of Authority, by the architects of the apocalypse. Democracy is tyranny. Vote against democracy. Equality is oppression. Vote against equality. I’m being very clear on this.

…and throughout the world there is tension with no sign of a breakthrough. You must think that’s just what life is, that other possibilities are fantasies. It’s just how it goes: communities of citizens held hostage by Trumps, Putins, Bolsonaros, Orbáns, Erdoğans, Modis, Johnsons… and aspiring to anything better, truer, more just, more effective, is for the birds. You must be blinded by your own cynicism. Why would you want to be, continue to be, the ill will, the bad faith in the world? Hmm. You must be cashing in on the side. Everything has a price tag, and that price is the most important thing about every thing. My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doomed. Waiting for a flash of enlightenment in all this blood and thunder (2). And then I’ll feel better.

— — — — —

(1) Killer Mike

(2) Rorschach



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